INTERVIEW CONVERSING WITH Aysegul Tuzun. Managing Director – MIST Content Sales & Distribution (Mistco)


Aysegul Tuzun

After successful participation in several markets around the world in 2023, which includes MIPCOM and the next MIP Cancún, in Mexico, the outstanding executive brings good news to TVMAS. One of them is the step that the company has taken to create its own IPs through co-production. And the others are the renewal of the agreement with TRT and the new catalog programs.

“We are very strong with our historical series in MENA and Asia, but our drama series shine in Europe and LATAM.”


“Our first drama ‘BAHAR’, which we also co-produced with US YAPIM, will be broadcast in Albania, Romania, Israel, Russia, and Azerbaijan. Other deals are on the way, to be announced soon.  In this season, we will have one new historical drama and some more from different genres will follow. Besides them, in the summer season, we added 3 new series to our catalog”.

“Our second content “MY LOVELY FAMILY” is the emotionally cozy family story of a big family. Canan, the mother of the house, is trying to convince Rasim, her husband that the family members have no problems. In fact, things are not like that at all. The eldest daughter decides to divorce her husband, the middle daughter Öznur cannot accept the sale of her house and returns to her father’s house. The other children, Kaan and Öznur, have come to a point where they need therapist support. While the family returns to the fire scene with all these events, the youngest daughter decides to get married”.

“Our latest content is “THE JOY OF MY LIFE”  warmly tells the story of a housewife and her family trying to rediscover her life after 20 years. Neşe, who quit her medical education, got married, and had two children, decided to return to medical education years later. However, implementing this decision will not be easy. In addition to brand new ones, we will present the fourth season of ‘AN ANATOLIAN TALE’ and THE SHADOW TEAM”.

There is a saturation of content offering. What are MISTCO’s strategies to compete?

There is still intense interest in Turkish TV series around the Region becoming popular based on content. While TV channels demand more drama, digital channels are open to alternative genres. We can evaluate this in the competitive environment as follows; Although digital platforms seem to be a fast consumption point, Viewer loyalty to TV channels is higher.  For this reason, even though TV channels remain traditional, they get a larger share of the cake. However, at the same time, we are very satisfied with the sales to digital platforms.

What are the key markets and the largest buyers of the MISTCO catalog?

Our difference is the variety of content we have. We are bringing top dramas from all genres, so it makes us reach every territory. For example, we are very strong with our historical series in MENA and Asia, but our drama series are shining in Europe and LATAM too.

Some of the titles in the catalog are: ‘Resurrection Ertugrul’ (Tekden Film),  ‘The Great Seljuks: Guardians of Justice’, ‘The Great Seljuks: Alparslan (both Akli Film); ‘Bahar’ (US Production & MISTCO),  ‘Hold My Hand & Melek’, ‘A Mother’s Struggle’ (US Production) and ‘The Innocents’ (OGM Pictures)



Another good news is that MISTCO, renewed its exclusive sales agent agreement with TRT for another 3 years. The agreement covers more than 10,000 hours of content across different genres, including dramas, films, documentaries, and animations. “This is a successful partnership for 8 years with TRT, the largest television network in Turkey,” said an enthusiastic Aysegul Tuzun.

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