Fourteen Colombian productions participate in the 44th edition of the International Festival of New Latin American Cinema in Havana. The event that began on December 8 and ends on December 17 also has the participation of ten scripts and three posters that enrich the national participation.

Catalina Rey protagonist of the short drama ‘Bogota Story’

Conceived as a continuation of the festivals of Viña del Mar (1967 and 1969), Mérida (1968 and 1977) and Caracas (1974), which brought together films and filmmakers representative of the most innovative cinematographic trends in Latin America, The International Festival of New Latin American Cinema, whose first edition was held on December 3, 1979, is an urgent response to the demand for a space that would guarantee a systematic meeting between the continent’s cinematographies and their creators, reports the PantallaColombia portal of ProimagenesColombia.

In 2023 it reaches its 44th edition with the aim of recognizing and disseminating cinematographic works that contribute, based on their significance and artistic values, to the enrichment and reaffirmation of Latin American and Caribbean cultural identity, presenting nearly a hundred each year. of titles.

In the Post-Production Coral Award category, the co-production between the Dominican Republic and Colombia participates, ‘Aunque sea ver el mar’ by Pablo Lozano, a film produced by Juan Antonio Bisonó in association with the Technological Institute of Santo Domingo; and ‘‘El silencio de los palafitos’ by Yull Nuñéz Yepes, produced by Cinequipos Producciones.

The films ‘Bogotá story’ directed by Esteban Pedraza and produced by La Producadora Cine participate in the Latin American contest; ‘‘El otro hijo’ directed by Juan Sebastián Quebrada and ‘La Perra’ by Carla Melo, both produced by Evidencia Films, ‘La Maquina’ directed by Juan Diego Aguirre and produced by Corporación Frontera Films; ‘Los órganos internos de la madre tierra’ by Ana Bravo Pérez, produced by Urkunina Films; ‘Transfariana’ by Joris Lachaise, produced by the Romeo company and ‘Una porción por envase’ by Miguel Otálora, produced by Ad Infinitum.

In the Latin American section in Perspective, ‘La suprema’ by Felipe H. Caro, produced by Cumbia Films, participates; ‘Madre nuestra’ by David Paredes; ‘Mudos testigos’ by Jerónimo Atehortúa and Luis Ospina, produced by Invasión Cine; ‘Tu me hiciste ver el cielo’ by Luis Esguerra Cifuentes, produced by Bruma Cine and ‘Tumbadore’s by María Isabel Burnes, a production by Too Much Productions with Inercia Peliculas.

Participating in the script competition are ‘Caño 39’ by Carlos Hernán Franco Valencia, ‘The Galactic Poet’ by Nicolás Ordóñez Carrillo, ‘The Journey of Memory’ by Juan Pablo Ortiz Rodríguez, ‘Faith’ by Samuel Chalela Puccini, ‘Invisible’ ‘ by Andrés Castañeda Romero and Óscar Eduardo Adán Díaz, ‘La guarrior’ by Juliana Ramírez Plazas, ‘Matuna’ by Daniela Narváez Huertas, ‘Un velorio del carajo’ by Diógenes Guerra Miranda, ‘Un Viejo sin documentos’ by Edgar De Luque and ‘Raices del sol’ by Cynthia Alvarado, Jennifer Zapateiro and Claudio D’Elia.

In the Poster competition, ‘Día de visita’ and ‘El canto del auricantur’i by Jonathan Ríos Valencia (Nattan) and ‘Todas las flores’ by Jonathan Cárdenas (Jacs) participate.

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