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Tania Rincon

The premiere of the game show on Channel 5 is hosted by Tania Rincón, in which two families will compete in fun dynamics. The public will be able to start enjoying it from March 4.

In Cero Ruido two families, each accompanied by a famous person, will face each other in various dynamics. They can be noisy everyday activities or montages with fun materials that will put the contestants in trouble.

All dynamics will be against the clock and when performing them they must make as little noise as possible. The family that accumulates the greatest number of points in the dynamics will go to the grand final, where they will perform different tasks, in which they must not exceed the permitted noise limit. The winning family will receive a cash prize.

Among the famous people participating are Geraldine Bazán, Germán Ortega, Julián Gil and Arath de la Torre, among others.

The program will be broadcast on Channel 5 from Monday to Thursday at 8:00 p.m., starting next March 4.

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