SPECIAL OPINION. Goliat defeats David in the Latin market


The economies of scale of the large international, regional or national oligopolies allow them to increase their proportion in a stagnant market. The others face low margins, high user turnover due to excess options: the digital divide and piracy.

FEATURED 5G is advancing slowly (less than 10% in LATAM vs 70% in the USA) and AI is used only by the giants.

Faced with competitors that produce content, we must adapt to sustainable business models that generate profits to invest in infrastructure, content and technology. Financing is scarce due to the caution dictated by times of war, added to the cyclical instabilities of Latin American countries.

5G is advancing slowly (less than 10% in LATAM vs 70% in the USA) and AI is used only by the giants. But David has stones in his bag to generate profitable and sustainable business models.

Companies in the sector are using AI to: understand and track changing customer preferences; generate personalized offers; segment and group niches for marketing, sales and optimize the network in monitoring and analysis, bandwidth management and growth planning. As well as determining prices for services.

Companies with solid business plans are more likely to access financial leverage. Just one stone is enough: The technology is there, you have to use it. It is true that a qualified team is required, which in general only the big ones are allowed; But there are technological transformation consultants who help small and medium-sized companies with these needs. You have to keep an eye on these consultants.

Juan Bautista Pino. In Cartagena, Hotel Las Américas at Andina Link 2023.

This special opinion article for TVMAS is signed by Juan Bautista Pino. Consultant Eng. Lawyer MBA. CEO @DPA Technological transformation. Marketing and sales director @ Berkano.lat. Advisor and representative in LATAM of several technology and financing companies, and will be at Andina Link 2024.

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