INTERVIEW Carlos Valenciano in conversation with TVMAS

Carlos Valenciano, Alai Secure CEO

On the occasion of the first IoT Alai Summit to be held at ANDINALINK in Cartagena, Colombia, TVMAS spoke with Carlos Valenciano, General Director of Alai Secure.

“This space was born to become the reference event in the Internet of Things ecosystem, both in Spain and Latin America. As an M2M connectivity provider, we deal with companies, entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs and manufacturers belonging to different vertical industries: security, telecare, telemedicine, PoC, PoS, Elevator Telemetry, Mobility Telemetry, GPS, Wereables, etc. and we enjoy and learn from the brilliance and talent of all of them” explains the executive.

Share knowledge and generate networking. “We have held the first editions in Lima, Santiago de Chile and Madrid, a space where more than 300 c-level executives from the IoT industry have been able to actively participate. Colombia, a country in which we have been operating since 2019, is prepared to hold our first edition within the framework of the contents of the FICA forums that are held at ANDINALINK, a reference event in the region.”
The expert points out that the generation of valuable content by the leaders of the connected industries with which they work daily and are a reference for success stories, from industries such as Telecare, Push to Talk critical communications, and tracking. “Share the state of the art of 5G deployments in the region and trends for the IoT market, with the help of one of the most innovative mobile technology manufacturers in the world, the company JSC Ingenium.”
Do you see a possible opportunity to bring the event to the United States and why?
Currently we continue with our plan to bring the IoT Alai SUMMIT to all the countries where we operate, so the next stops of this international roadshow will be Ecuador and Mexico. But we have some clients in the USA, so we do not rule out being able to hold our event in the near future. The market is demanding this type of spaces, and we want to cover it.”

Since 2021, Carlos Valenciano has positioned himself as the general director of Alai Secure; his arrival focused on leading the expansion of the company’s telecommunications business in the region. He has been in charge of leading the internationalization of the firm in Latin America and the euro zone, managing to open in three years from 2019 in Colombia, from 2020 in Chile, 2022 Peru and 2023 in Ecuador and Mexico.

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