Mediaset España renewed the news sets of Telecinco and Cuatro

Luis Garrido, Alfalite CEO

The communication group has renewed the News studios of its free-to-air TV channels Telecinco and Cuatro with Made in Europe LED screens from Alfalite.

The integrator Data Media has been in charge of the sale and commissioning of the 844 LED panels with ORIM® technology from Alfalite supplied.

“We are very proud to have participated in this enormous project,” says Luis Garrido, executive director of Alfalite, the only European manufacturer of LED screens. “We want to express our gratitude to the engineering team of Mediaset España and to Data Media for trusting us.”

Telecinco has completely transformed its News set with 210 square meters of Alfalite LED screens, artificial intelligence and mobile camera solutions, making it one of the most advanced studios in Spain.

The central element of the Telecinco News set is an immense curved, enveloping “U” screen. This display has the capacity to process up to three 8K video signals or 12 4K video signals of up to 12 bits and more than 50 million pixels. compatible with the recreation of augmented reality, extended reality and virtual reality environments, and allows the projection in high definition of both images and graphics and infographics.

The vertical hanging screens incorporate a motorized lifting mechanism to raise and lower them from the ceiling to the floor according to the needs of the story.

In the case of the Noticias Cuatro set, the greatest novelty is in the “L”-shaped screen that begins on the floor and rises vertically towards the ceiling, in which the images can flow upwards in an endless manner and continue the movement through the side screens, a unique element on the news sets in Spain.

ORIM technology provides these modules with impact resistance and a horizontal and vertical viewing angle of 175 degrees.

Other features that make Alfalite panels stand out from other LED screens on the market are the low average consumption (35 watts) and the low levels of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC Certification), which allow the modules to coexist with other electronic systems without suffering interference. , as usually happens on television sets.

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