Papas por conveniencia. The recordings of the telenovela began in Mexico City


Papás por conveniencia

Starring Ariadne Díaz and José Ron, produced by Rosy Ocampo, directed by Benjamín Cann and as Head of Writers Pedro Armando Rodríguez.

Rosy Ocampo, recognized for children’s telenovelas and the adaptation she made of “Betty, la fea” which in Mexico was made as “La Fea Más Bella” with Angélica Vale, pointed out that this new melodrama is about reconstituted families and the challenges they must overcome to find love and your path to happiness. “Elements of nostalgia are incorporated into the plot of this soap opera, which will make the audience relive endearing moments.”


The renowned showrunner and producer who is a key member of TELEVISA also highlighted that an alliance was established with Population Media Center, a non-profit organization, which disseminates and promotes messages on the prevention of teenage pregnancy, gender-based violence, and sexually transmitted infections.


Tino (José Ron), is a single father who faces challenges raising his two children. One day he finds out that he is also the father of two rebellious teenagers, children of Aidé (Ariadne Díaz), a former high school classmate turned business magnate.

By joining Tino and Aidé they will form a new family and together they will face the difficult decision of moving forward or recognizing that their union was motivated by convenience.

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