Globo continues to impact international markets

The company brings important launches and new business models to the international market. “Renacer” and “Justice: Mala Conducta” and the offer of ‘scripted’ and ‘unscripted’ formats.

Among the formats now called ”unscripted” are ‘Family Size’ and ‘PopStar’.

The team led by the outstanding Angela Colla, Head of Business Unit at Globo arrives with a portfolio of innovative offers at international market events, including the independent L.A Screenings in Los Angeles from May 15 to 17 and will then continue with its extensive portfolio to NATPE BUDAPEST from June 24 to 27, 2024.

Angela Colla

One of the novelties is the launch of the telenovela that is currently broadcast in prime time in Brazil: ‘Renacer’. The work of Benedito Ruy Barbosa, who made history in Brazilian dramaturgy in 1993, remains a classic, with its mysteries, dramas, loves, revenges and legends. ‘Pantanal’, by the same author, has already been licensed for 130 territories. The cast of the telenovela includes big names in Brazilian television, such as Humberto Carrão (‘Todas las flores’), Marcos Palmeira (‘Pantanal’) and Duda Santos (‘Travesía’) among others.


Another of the great titles is ‘Justice: Mala Conducta’, a script by Manuela Dias with artistic direction by Gustavo Fernández, from ‘Pantanal’ and ‘Renacer’. In its 28 episodes it follows four characters who end up detained and, seven years later, leave prison to resume their lives in search of justice that goes beyond logic and judicial processes. It includes a large cast of artists, such as Juan Paiva (‘Vidas ajenas’ and ‘Renacer’), Murilo Benício (‘Pantanal’) and Nanda Costa (‘Corazón de madre’) among other prominent actors.

Justice: Mala conducta

Other key products are the Globoplay Originals series ‘Fin’, created by Fernanda Torres, and ‘Al filo de la navaja’, the first and only Brazilian series screened at Canneseries.

The formats now called ”unscripted” are added to the catalog, and different variety and reality programs that were part of Globo’s programming will be on sale. Among the first offerings are ‘Family Size’ and PopStar. In ‘Family Size’, several celebrities and their families compete in fun games that reveal memories of the past, details, and curiosities unknown to the public. For its part, ‘PopStar’ is a musical reality show where professionals from different areas of showbiz could fulfill their dream of competing to become the next star.


Sale of scripted formats, the best example of which is the agreement with the production company Ay Yapım from Turkey, to adapt the soap opera ‘Avenida Brasil’.

Content for AVOD platforms, with telenovelas and series for different types of audiences, and also the relaunch of past hits with the Classics & Big Hits project, which will highlight the great enduring Brazilian works, such as ‘India: Una historia de amor’, ‘Preciosa Perla’, ‘Por Amor’ and ‘La Guerrera’.

“We are very excited and hope that viewers outside Brazil will be able to appreciate each work just as Brazilians appreciate it,” says Gabriel Bonelli, head of international sales.

Gabriel Bonelli

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