This year’s BAFICI took place in the theaters of the Teatro San Martín, Cultural San Martín, Cine Gaumont, Cinépolis, Cine Arte Cacodelphia, and the Cinema Museum.


BAFICI INDEPENDENT FILM FESTIVAL It is an event held by the city of Buenos Aires, consolidated as the great independent film festival in Latin America.

Debora Rajtman. Director of Festivals and Cultural Nights of the city of Buenos Aires, attached to the Ministry of Culture, speaks with TVMAS.

Expert in the development of national events, Debora assumed the direction of Festivals of the Ministry of the City of Buenos Aires on December 10, 2023, when Gabriela Ricardes was appointed Minister of Culture, with whom she has worked in public service for several years. .

“As festival director, my primary role is to lead and supervise activities related to the planning, organization, and execution of large-scale cultural events. This includes the coordination of multidisciplinary teams, the selection of artists and the programming of activities to the management of budgets and promotion of the festival,” she explains to TVMAS.

Debora Rajtman


It is an event held by the city of Buenos Aires, consolidated as the great independent film festival in Latin America. The BAFICI turned 25 years old and celebrated it with a special edition, with more than 500 screenings in 13 theaters, where 260 films  were  screened for all audiences.

The Festival was attended by local filmmakers and international guests to present their films, interact with the public and participate in various activities. And it also had premieres of films that chose BAFICI to become known worldwide.

The first edition in 1999, the BAFICI emphasized that cinema is much more than what is advertised on the commercial billboard. Cinema is an art in motion in multiple senses and that there are many films that are waiting for their potential. spectators. The BAFICI is the festival that premieres the most Argentine cinema and, in this edition, local cinema was present with greater strength, novelty and variety.

This Festival is organized by the Ministry of Culture of the City of Buenos Aires, but thanks to the collaboration between the public and private sectors we have been able to extend the reach of the festival, scheduling performances in places such as Cinépolis de Plaza Houssay and Cine Arte Cacodelphia, with in order to bring independent cinema closer to a wider audience.

The artistic director of the Festival is Javier Porta Fouz, since the 2016 edition, it must be said that he has been part of the Festival staff since them 2001 edition.

Javier Porta Fouz

What were the new features this year in terms of organization and the productions that participated?

When the 25th anniversary, the festival had its own website, to navigate the programming, special activities and all the necessary information.

Another novelty this year is that the San Martín Theater was the heart of the festival, serving as the main meeting point and venue for significant events, including master classes and a coworking space for accredited participants.

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