The pearl of Kanal D is the catalog ‘Secret of Pearls’ & ‘Three Sisters’ in L.A. Screenings

Sibel Levendoğlu, Head of Sales America & Iberia KANAL D INTERNATIONAL

It had its premiere at the end of January on Kanal D on Thusday nights in prime time and has been number one every week since it began airing in Turkey. ‘It is a very special title because the author is also an actor, poet and he is the producer so, it has a very well-cared for store and the feelings are on the surface. We are going with about 50 x 45 minutes in the first season.’

Sibel says that ‘The catalog includes ‘Three Sisters’ which will end the thirds season at the end of May with very encouraging numbers and also includes classics that are being purchased such as (Fatmagül’ün Sucu Ne?) What is Fatmagul’s fault? and other well-known titles that are being sold for second and third screens.’

Let’s talk about the redifinition of the windows, the fierce competition of the channels. How dou you define the transmission and distribution business today?

Yes, it is true there is a lot of competition and it has to do with technology and new models of making productions and distributing. Right now the competition we have in Turkey between the channels has to do with the number of episodes and winning over audiences. The distribution changes in each country, because in some countries on open television they have a decrease in audiences in their slots, but at the same time other windows are opened to display the content. It is a business in transformation and that makes us very happy.

GOOD NEWS ‘A Father’s Promise’ broadcasting in Kosovo!

Kanal D International proudly announces the debut of ‘A Father’s Promise’ on Kosovo screens, captivating audiences with its gripping narrative set against the backdrop of a politically tumultuous era.

Produced by #PastelFilm, this drama stands outs for its strong cast, including Salih Bademci, Hazal Subaşi, Ozan Dolunay, Perihan Savaş, and Özge Özberk. ‘A Father’s Promise’ promises an unforgettable viewing experience for audiences across Kosovo.


Set in the year 1980, follows the story of Mustafa, a struggling factory worker, who face dire financial circumstances in his quest to save his wife Canan’s life through a crucial operation. Rejected by his heartless boss, Mustafa flees to avoid arrest, leaving his daughter Cemre in an orphanage, later adopted by the wealthy Rona family. Assisted by the caring housekeeper Figen, Mustafa infiltrates the Ronas’ household to be near his daughter, and an unexpected romance blossoms between them.

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