The Sopranos, the best scripted TV series in history

The Writers Guild of America (WGA its acronym in English) published recently the list of the 101 best written series in the history of television. A ranking led by HBO’s fiction The Sopranos, followed by the sitcom Seinfeldand the legendary science fiction series in The Twilight Zone.

The anxieties of Tony Soprano and his family culminated in a controversial final that is still been discussed “A mobster in therapy having problems with his mother.”

The writer is David Chase creator of one of the best series of all time for the HBO signal, broadcast from 1999 to 2007. The mafia series rose with 21 Emmy Awards and 5 Golden Globes, 86 episodes in six seasons.

The second position is for Seinfeld, the sitcom created by Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David broadcast for 9 seasons and 175 episodes on NBC. The third place goes to The Twilight Zone he (known to the Spanish public asEn los limites de la realidad), horror and science fiction broadcast by CBS from 1959-1964.

In fourth place is All in the Family, the family of the CBS sitcom that hit among the American audience in the late seventies. In the fifth place followed by M * A * S * H, the sitcom based on the film of Robert Altman on a U.S. medical team the Korean War.

The stylish and multi-awarded Mad Men advertisers created by Matthew Weiner occupy the 7th position. Followed by Cheers, the friendly sitcom set in the unforgettable Boston bar.

The Wire, which very accurately portrays the world of drug trafficking in the city of Baltimore, is at ranking number 9. Closes the ‘top ten’ The West Wing of the White House, the series that Aaron Sorkin tries to unravel what’s going on in the engine room of the world’s most powerful government.

The list goes on with other mythical series: The Simpsons (11) BreakingBad (12), Hill Street Blues (15) SixFeet Under (18), Fraiser (23) Friends (24) X-Files (26) Lost (27), ER (28) or The Cosby Show (29) and Star Trek (33).

Other series that are popular but in the lower echelons list: ‘Dexter’ (66),’24 ‘ (71),‘ House ‘(74) and ‘Boardwalk Empire’(93) Not missing are series that marked epochs as Twin Peaks ( 35) and remakes as Galactic (38), the 2005 version of the eponymous series  of the 80’s.

Throne Games stays at No. 40, Dowtown Abbey at 43; Homeland is in 48 and Northern Exposure at 53.

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