“Making good television does not mean having to invest in expensive productions”, Julio Di-Bella

The PCTV director spoke with TVMAS about the technological renovation of its teleport andprogramming changes in their signals


The company started last May 31 converting their Teleport from MPEG2 to MPEG4 under the Cisco platform,which will be ready in September and the second part in December. “This allows and puts us at the forefront tohave more efficiency in our satellite segment. Moreover, it allows us to launch and propose new distribution systems of other contents and attract new customers who already have the need to distribute in MPEG4” saidDi-Bella.


Among the objectives of PCTV is to consolidate on digital platforms, so we are working on it. “We are searching to make a platform that with an access key, the viewer has added value as: comments, behind the scenes orwhat’s behind each production. This added to the product we are buying, that already is a platform”.


PCTV is currently conducting its signals changes in both design and renovation of graphics packages, as well as in the programming. bars.


“Many programs went off the air, we made changes to all channels, e.g. reinforcing the programming  of Cine Mexicano’s signal, the transmission of the Arieles gave unexpected ratings.We’re preparing something with thePanico signal, which turns 2 years. Moreover, we prepare the opening of a new channel: TVC Deportes 2, which will be Full HD,” said Di-Bella.


“Cable TV undergoes changes every day, there is much more competition and if you do not have an efficient dynamic, you do not get to be in the public’s taste. While television you can not invent, you can renew it and look for less competitive formats and most creative. Making good television does not necessarily mean you have to do expensive productions,” concluded the executive.


It should be noted that the company is now promoting the sale of catalog programming in both Latin Americaand the U.S. In addition to new partnerships created with Chello Media for productions in Mexico and the UNnews channel.

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