Summary Review: highlights from October 10 – 18

Summary Review: highlights from October 10 – 18

NEXT TV SUMMIT on November 19th in Bogotá, Colombia, and on October 21st in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; XI WORLD SUMMIT OF THE TELENOVELA AND FICTION SERIES INDUSTRY, from November 13th to 15th in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

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“Los Graduados” a success in Argentina and an adaptation loser in Colombia

The analyst Omar Rincon recently headlined his column in the newspaper El Tiempo:  “Graduados sin diploma” (“Graduates without diploma”). We quote some of his valuable comments and present reflections of also recognized Argentine creator and writer Ramiro San Honorio as well as an explanation of one of the best adapters – but the best in Colombia, Cecilia Percy all interviewed by TVMAS for this analysis. “Los Graduados were a party in Argentina (Telefe), around its music and characters they created a retro nostalgia movement, coffee and matte everyday. Los Graduados came from Argentina to Colombia (RCN) and for now they do neither delight nor convince they are loosing the year.” So begins the important analysis of Rincon…read more



“Having news specialists to differentiate,” Felix Cortes, director of Excelsior TV

In Mexico, Multimedia Image Group (GIMM) announced the start of Excelsior TV broadcasts from September 2. This new project, led by experienced and respected journalist Felix Cortes Camarillo, will broadcast for 365 days a year, 24 hours a day without interruption, by Cablevision channel 127 and Sky, in 27.2 digital televisions. In addition to webcasts:…read more



Telemundo Internacional closes agreement with VC Medios

Karen Barroeta, International Cable SVP and General Manager of Telemundo Internacional enthusiastically announced the signing of an agreement with VC Medios to enhance sales in the region, maximizing the positioning both in Venezuela and in Ecuador and Colombia. It’s an exclusive representation for advertising sales of its pay-TV channel in Latin America in the territories of Colombia, Venezuela and Ecuador, as of January 1, 2014read more



Migdalis Silva is Vice president of Programming and Acquisitions

Good and worthy promotion as Vice President of Programming and Acquisitions for Nickelodeon Latin America. The announcement was made at MIPCOM last week by Tatiana Rodriguez, Senior Vice President of Programming and Creative Strategy for Nickelodeon Latin America.  In this new role, will be responsible for overseeing the strategic positioning of the Networks content on-Air and identify new promotional opportunities, programming formats and acquisitions for the four brands of the network in the region: Nickelodeon, Nick Jr., Nick HD and Nicktoons. Additionally, Silva will be responsible for the daily schedule of the channel and will be the main link between the chain and the International Programme Council Nickelodeonread more



“El Mariachi,” a Robert Rodriguez’s film, adapted in series.

The actress and singer Gaby Ramirez, is excited since it will start recordings of the series, an adaptation of “El Mariachi” it would be planned initially for a total of 70 chapters, spoken in Spanish transmitted in Latin America by the Sony Entertainment Television signal.This series will provide a unique combination of romance and high-stakes action; it will be shot in Mexico with wonderful locations and having as main characters Martha Higadera, Ivan Arana and Gaby Ramirez as the antagonistread more



Cris Morena at MIPCOM: “Aliados” is the language of the new era”

The creator of Cris Morena Group, famous for fiction for teens turned into successful as “Chiquitas”, “Casi Angeles”, “Rebelde Way” and “Floricienta” said in the presentation that offered along with his son Thomas Yankelevich, director of global content Telefe that, “from any point of view ‘Aliados’ is the language of the new era” and affirms that this is the first Spanish-language fiction emerges as a cross-platform format. “For me ‘Aliados’ is a fictional story, but it represents the history of humanity and the future of communication,” he said…read more



The filmmaker Joseph Mojica Marins: "There is lack of talent in the terror genre"

Within the framework of the second edition of FERATUM FILM FEST, held in Tlalpujahua, Michoacan, Mexico, the Brazilian director José Mojica Marins (Zé Do Zao Cai), one of the filmmakers that renewed the terror industry in South America, was recognized for his career with a BRONZE FERATUM, for more than 60 years as a film director and 50 as an actor, to portray Cai Ze Do Zao, character that led him to worldwide fame and became an icon of the genreread more

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– Happy TV, a channel of national scope in Serbia, places its bets on Globo’s telenovelas. Currently, the channel is showing ‘The Life We Lead’, about the moving story of the sisters Ana and Manuela. The story has already been licensed to eleven countries and has been obtaining great audiences where it is shown. The Serbian channel also broadcasts ‘The Enchanted Tale’, with the love story between the majestic Açucena and the hero Jesuíno. And in December debuts are in the works for two more of Globo’s successes: ‘Irrational Heart’ and ‘Looks & Essence’, the great title that inspired the creation of ‘My Dear Handyman’, a co-production of Globo with Telemundo, which is currently on the air in the United States and Venezuela, with good audience indices.

– FOX International Channels Latin America and Sony Music announced that is now available in Latin America the first album of FOX original production beating rating records “CUMBIA NINJA”.

– From today the new exclusive CD series is available in record stores throughout Latin America and can now be downloaded from iTunes (; Deezer ( and Spotify (Only in Mexico and Argentina (


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