The Audiovisual, Fiction and Documentary Authors’ Association, presents “La Usina de Migre” at NATPE 2014.


Ana Montes y Marcelo Camaño Association Directors

It is the Association of skilled creators of stories to provide services to companies in key stages of the process of production of audiovisual works in the global market.

LA USINA DE MIGRÉ offers a powerful new tool for the audiovisual industry, brings the excellence of Argentine authors capable of creating in different genres and styles.

“Argentina is ranked as the third book seller in the world. Our mission is to increase this potential, optimizing the dynamics of team building and enhancing the role of the integral author. We promote exceptional meeting of recognized authors, who argue, structure dialogue of the book that bears their signature. Thus, enhancing the creative result of team work for creative stories,” explained Argentine writers, Ana Montes and Marcelo Camaño, Directors of the Association.

The commitment is to provide excellence in book production dynamics in all instances by the Coordinating Team of La Usina de Migré that tracks each work and adds its experience to each project. Its strength is the proven experience in coordinating teams of successful authors in various genres and formats. As well as the identity defined and recognized in each of their respective stories.

“We have work foundations for adaptations or free versions of classics performed by our teams and a clinic of stories” they concluded.

With over 50 stories between telenovelas and series, LA USINA Migré, brings together renowned authors like Victor Agú, Marta Betoldi, Marcelo Camaño, Susana Cardozo, Marcia Cerretani, Enrique Sdrech, Esther Feldman, Cecilia Guerty, Marcela Guerty, Ismael Hase, Korovsky Ernesto, Pablo Lago, Jorge Oscar Leyes, Adriana Lorenzón, Ana Montes, Marcelo Nacci, Guillermo Salmeron. And more than 100 authors capable of creating in different genres and styles.

They will be at the Fontainebleau Hotel NATPE2014 in Miami Beach.

To request meetings contact:
La Usina de Migré
Buenos Aires – Argentina
(54 11) 48313617
Ana Montes:

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