Jumps to the arena the first pay TV provider in the United States to integrate Netflix

vivek-khemka DISHAnd you? Who do you think did it? DISH. This giant pay-TV provider in the United States took the lead in integrating the Netflix app on its cable box to give customers instant access to successes as Orange is the New Black and House of Cards on the same platform used for linear channels.

The Netflix app will be offered during the day to Hopper customers, provides the same interface that Netflix users found in most other platforms. The application is accessible from any channel and for your information, currently, this application is also available in all decoders connected broadband second-generation Hopper. DISH hopes that the application is launched for customers of Joey, Joey and Wireless Super Joey.

Soon the titles available on Netflix may be integrated in the search functionality through live programs, recorded and VOD, both Hopper and for the next DISH OTT services.

“Making marriage between Netflix with Hopper represents the consolidation of two amazing video experiences,” said Vivek Khemka, senior VP of product management DISH.

“This application integration eliminates the need of television change entries to access contents on various devices. It offers our customers easy access to their favorite programs and movies, both DISH and Netflix, without having to leave their Hopper”.

Thus, DISH extends its muscular entertainment experience. According to Bill Holmes, global director of business development at Netflix. “Many households subscribe to Netflix and a traditional pay-TV service. Our vast library of TV shows and movies, combined with offering live TV content from Netflix, offers customers easy access to a wide variety of complementary programming.”


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