Figures doubled in US consumption of TV Everywhere

hyundai-ipad-600-14304Everywhere TV consumption doubled in the third quarter, representing an increase of 108% year after year and 38% quarter to quarter, according to the “Q3 2014 US Digital Video BenchmarkReport” from Adobe.
The number of videos authenticated per customer grew by 39%, and the only users of TV Everywhere content increased 34% during the third quarter.
The study reveals that 29% of these views in the third quarter were from a mobile device.
Despite the appeal of the applications, there were 24% more views from a browser. Specifically, 46% of viewing TV content online in the genre of the cable took place through a browser.
The dominant mobile device is Apple. The iPad has a 80.7% share of video, while the iPhone recorded a 81.4%
The software iOS devices accounted for 56% of all online TV displays authenticated in the third quarter, an increase of 9% year after year.
However, 85% of all visits to a web site from a Kindle Fire resulted in viewing a video, a figure three times higher than the display of video on an iPad.
In addition, 83% of visits from a Samsung Galaxy resulted in viewing a video, four times more than the iPhone, whose total video viewing added 54%.
The iPad also ranked below average for tablets with 49%.

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