Apotheosis premiere of PABLO ESCOBAR, EL PATRON DEL MAL, in Mali

PABLO ESCOBAR EL PATRON DEL MALThe premiere in Mali last December 20 via the Africable signal with broadcast every Saturday at 11:00 pm was truly glorious.

After captivating the screens on all continents, the Mali audience enjoy the history of the planet’s most famous drug trafficker: his childhood, adolescence and all the way which led him to be one of the most searched in the early 90’s.

With the narrative, viewers get to know how this terrorist impacted Colombian society and the world, through his actions.

The series starring Andrés Parra accompanied by an exquisite cast comprised of Angie Cepeda, Christian Tappan, Nicolas Montero, Ernesto Benjumea, Cecilia Navia and Vicky Hernandez, who embody some of the characters that were linked to the man who took violence as their lifestyle.

The teleserie exposes over 1,300 actors and approximately 450 locations.

In Colombia, the premiere became the most watched launch of television in the history of that country.


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