The Cartel Heat will be filmed in Miami


Maria Fernanda Yepes – Roger Fischer

Written and it will also be produced by filmmaker Roger Fischer in English, will be completely filmed in Miami in February. “It is a mafia story set at the end of the decade of the 70’s in Miami. John and Eddie arrive in Miami after being released to continue making the rounds while taking revenge. The story involves the mafias which at that time took over Miami” The producer explained to TVMAS.

It has as protagonist the Colombian actress Maria Fernanda Yepes (Sin senos no hay paraíso, La teniente, Rosario Tijera) accompanied by actors of the stature of Victor Camara, Cuban-American Roberto Escobar, the Colombian Gabriel Valenzuela, the Venezuelan comedian Julio Gassette, the Spanish Ezequiel Montalt, Puerto Rican actress Jessica Mas, among other prominent actors. The direction is in charge of the Cuban filmmaker and director Lilo Vilaplana. (El capo, La mariposa and currently Dueños del paraíso of Telemundo).

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