7A Media partners with Videoglobal in launching content delivery platform to Latin America


Cesar Diaz


Evaristo Cobos

César Díaz, CEO of 7A Media, is partnering with Videoglobal to offer an innovative content distribution platform in Latin America, a region where, according to Diaz “it’s an ideal marketplace where a platform of this type is truly beneficial to content buyers, distributors and producers.”

The agreement will allow Videoglobal to reach new customers in the region, “Where a large number of small and medium TV stations, as well as cable companies, who have limited budgets, will now have access to a wider variety of quality programming

“By subscribing to Videoglobal customers will be able to select from a catalog featuring more than 8,000 hours of programming, including a large number of free videos available.  Programs range from telenovelas, TV series, documentaries, movies, children’s animation to even news, current affairs and much more.” said Diaz.

Evaristo Cobos, CEO of ATM Broadcast and developer of Videoglobal, expressed his satisfaction on the partnership with 7A Media: “After a very successful launch in Spain we are confident that Videoglobal will reach similar results in Latin America and with Cesar’s knowledge of the marketplace we are thrilled to offer the advantages of our platform.”

Diaz said that Videoglobal is constantly updating and refreshing its catalog and currently the aim of the platform is to add new contents to target Latin American audiences.

He emphasizes the importance of the platform, because “This is a B2B portal, exclusively for television and digital media industry professionals. The web-base user friendly platform also offers a search engine with an ample selection of categories, filters and content rating system to quickly find the contents a broadcaster is looking for in trying to target their audiences and satisfy the needs of their programming grids.

Videoglobal’s integrated content management system safeguards all contents through their own private servers providing distributors and content producers a secure and private storage of their contents.  The system provides alternatives to geographically block specific contents according to territory availabilities.  Additionally, at the time of delivery, the system will automatically transcode the contents to the specific format and codec required by the broadcaster.

Videoglobal is a perfect tool for content providers who can continue to offer and monetize their older content, without any additional effort or resources, through this totally automated direct sale system.

Diaz has worked for over 40 years in the television industry and was Vice President of Sales for Cisneros Media Distribution until late 2014 when he decided to launch his own company 7A Media, dedicated to content development, international sales and consulting.

More information: www.videoglobal.com

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