Two fundamental trends for brands and communication


Diego Prusky

Diego Prusky, CEO and founder of Digital InPulse, spoke with TVMAS on two strong trends that will be critical to any brand and especially for the communication of any TV channel.

“The next step, Next-Level Social media is the strategy destined to make social networking more than a communication tool, to be an asset of monetization for companies and brands,” he said and assured “that such a strategy consisting of four levels: create a visual presence, grow in the online community, increase interaction and monetize, is an opportunity and many are taking and will impose heavily. Video is the star content, from micro episodes, video memes, and user news to mobile native video as a marketing tool,” and added that “video is the mantra that begins to reign in team meetings in large, traditional, modern and small companies.”

Regardless of format and application, the success of this content over traditional platforms such as websites is always based on the same: to know user behavior patterns.

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