In Panama Lo que diga el corazón, Niche is in prime time


Jair Romero and Venezuelan Abril Schreiber

In primetime, the successful Colombian novel Lo que diga el corazón, Niche (120x1h), produced by Caracol Television and distributed by Caracol TV Internacional, debuted on February 23 on the screen of Panama through the TVN channel signal.

In this way, the Panamanian audience has been enjoying every detail of the life of Ivan Cuero, a young man who wants to be consecrated as one of the best salsa singers in the world and he will do everything to reach it with his best friends, Amadeo and Marisol. In addition, he will face diverse emotional situations that lead him to find true love beside his orchestra companion.

Headlining the cast of this musical production stands out Colombian Jair Romero and Venezuelan Abril Schreiber alongside the actors Fernando Solorzano, Humberto Dorado, Juan Manuel Mendoza, Cuban actor Barbaro Marin, among other renowned artists.

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