In Brasil operators loose pay-TV customers


João Rezende, President of Anatel.

An increase of 58,000 customers had the Brazilian pay TV market in February, reaching 19.715 million, according to a statement released by Anatel,consigning an annual increase of 7.9% and making Sky and Net the most successful operators.

The information recorded by the Brazilian portal PayTV, official figures would not be including a reduction of 200,000 subscribers by one of the most significant operators, which, in practical terms the result is a net loss of subscribers.

The source cited that, at the end of last year, Anatel recognized a ‘download’ of Claro HD by 400 thousand subscribers that the market knew months earlier.

According to Anatel, Net had in late February 6.87 million subscribers and Sky was competing with these figures, but Claro — which lost 22,000 customers this month — was at 3.35; OiTV, also lost 10,000 subscribers, stayed at 1.25 million; GVT–  now acquired by Telefónica — reached 916,000; Vivo TV,  ofTelefónica, reached 780,000, and the rest of the operators totaled 847,000.

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