El Hormiguero in TV Azteca continues to buzz

Alejandra Orozco y Yael Castillo El Hormiguero

Alejandra Orozco and Yahel Castillo in El Hormiguero

Tomorrow, Monday April 13, renowned and fearless host  Mauricio Mancera will receive in the Mexican program El Hormiguero, recognized Mexican divers, Yahel Castillo and Alejandra Orozco Olympic medal winners.

The talk show as always will offer guaranteed fun. In this opportunity, the professional divers will try to cross an impossible bridge and take physical risk in a game of balloons where their integrity will be in jeopardy.

Between humor, races, hilarious challenges and interviews the production of the program will cover Yahel Castillo’s eyes so that the host throws sharp knives to burst the balloons around her.

On the other hand in the Ariana te Aliviana section will be taught a new method to quickly put on the swim cap. In the space dedicated to scientific experiments, Mau Nieto will make a bridge with three boards and will convene the challenge to cross it without falling into the water.

The upcoming guests which will join the original challenges, will be singer and host Ingrid Coronado, actor and composer Kalimba and animator, Rafael Mercadante.


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