Cisneros Media opened a new division of content management and acquisitions

Wilma-Maciel (1)


Cisneros Media, corporate division which brings together media and entertainment companies in the Cisneros Organization, has created a new division and invited Wilma Maciel as vice president of content management and acquisitions, for Cisneros Media Distribution (CMD) based in Miami, Florida.

In this position, the executive and expert will assist Marcello Coltro in the design and development of a comprehensive strategy for the content portfolio of Cisneros Media Distribution to maximize their international marketing and optimize efficiency and earning potential; this includes, but is not limited to, identify and develop new strategic relationships with major producers and broadcasters; evaluate opportunities for partnerships, alliances and granting licenses; review the current offer of pay TV channels, its programming and strategic planning, content acquisition targeted to their audiences; establish new business models to add external content to the CMD catalog; and establish business relationships with independent producers.

“We are fortunate to have the extensive knowledge of Wilma and her role will be crucial in the continued implementation of our plan to consolidate operations in the areas of pay TV and content marketing of Cisneros Media Distribution” highlighted Coltro.

Wilma Maciel, born in Sao Paulo, Brazil, has a career spanning nearly 25 years in the television industry occupying key positions in numerous companies achieving a valuable experience in international markets, especially in Latin America. She was Vice President of programming, acquisitions, planning dissemination and original production for Sony Entertainment Television Latin America; executive director and senior programming and acquisitions for Warner Channel; in addition to her performance in several relevant entertainment companies such as ESPN and AMC.

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