In Latin America 2.050 TV Signals and 100 are Film and Series


Horacio Genari CEO de Business Bureau

BB-BUSINESS BUREAU introduced CHANNEL BENCHMARKS Film Series in LATAM, which analyzes and reveals a total of 100 signals that are distributed in 17 countries in Latin America: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Peru, Dominican Republic, Uruguay and Venezuela.

The highlights of movies and series signals correspond to primary information captured by its own data center. BB proposes a comprehensive report covering all existing signals of gender coverage by country (17 in total), distribution, position in grid  including appearance in digital packages.

According to analysts of CHANNEL BENCHMARKS,  the region has more than 2,000 pay-TV signals, of which 7% are film and series. Regarding the HD signals within the genre, are distributed 26 cinema and TV signals in HD.

Among the countries included in the report, Dominican Republic is the country with the largest number of cinema and series, with a total of 74 available signals, Mexico follows with 72 and Honduras with 67. The Ranking continues with Guatemala, which has 64 and then, Colombia with 61 Signals.

The maximum distribution signals are TNT and FOX followed by Universal Channel, Space and FX, by taking the countries studied.

Regarding the outstanding Signals series, we highlight FOX, AXN and Warner Channel. For its part, Fox has the greatest number of subscribers reached within the TOP 5 of the countries studied.

According to the report, we can mention the following signals are available in the 17 countries studied by Benchmark Film and Series: AXN HD, A & E, AMC (Latin America), Cinemax, Film & Arts, Fox, Fox HD, Fx, Sony, Sony HD, Space, Space HD, Studio Universal, Sundance Channel, Syfy, TMC Classic, Hollywood, TNT, TNT HD, Universal Channel, Universal Channel HD, Warner Channel and Warner Channel HD.

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