Me Case con… (I got married with…) on Discovery Home & Health


Me casé con…

Love knows no barriers and the new documentary series Me Case con…, premiered on Discovery Home & Health the past July 3 confirms this rule. Each week, two unconventional couples reveal how they found happiness with less thought out people and the challenges faced by every day to keep alive their unique relationships.

They are couples who look like any other, but in their intimacy hold secrets that could shock their family and friends. From a woman who helps her transvestite husband choose his clothes and supports his decision to make public his feminine side, or twins who share the same man despite the rejection of his conservative family, to the case of a happily married woman with a young Mormon and gay.

Over the ten episodes of the series reveals harsh truths: how they fell in love and what factors allowed the relationship to flourish despite the physical, ideological and professional challenges. The phrase “love is blind” has never been truer than in each of these cases.

Beyond labels and precepts imposed by society, these people claim to have found love and happiness after opening their mind and heart to individuals whose preferences are more remote from the everyday. And while some struggle to be accepted, others are willing to live their lives without paying attention to what people say.

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