NATPE Europe 2015: Key facts


Party with the support of Telemundo in the Municipal House in Prague’s center

At the close of the event, which was held in the beautiful city of Prague for the second consecutive time, the conclusions are a reason for evaluation for the organization. For one, the little notice of buyers and assistants, as well as about the city, the hotel and the date chosen for the realization of this market according to the opinions of exhibitors, buyers and attendees.

According to official figures from NATPE, brought together 600 executives from 45 countries, of which 250 were buyers. There was an increase in exhibitors’ enterprises of 152 companies.

The first day of the market, Monday 22, was devoted to lectures and Screenings, headed from the morning with the presentation of Warner Bros. International Television. In the afternoon, Telemundo made its first screening during this market and met some of the leaders of the region. The organization of the conferences and the results of the screenings enjoyed very good reviews praising the organizers.

Starting Tuesday 23 to Thursday 25, the event transcurred in the suites, the market floor and individual business tables but with the complaint that it was pointless for distributors on the 22nd dedicated to conferences which upset the exhibitors who ensured that the market had become longer and with few results.

This market, which was anchored for years in Budapest, under the name of DISCOP had its second edition in Prague, and the discontent was allowed to be felt by the distributors since its first edition.

While recognizing the market potential of Central and Eastern Europe, several argued that it worked better in Budapest and attracted major assistance from small countries such as Albania, Macedonia and Lithuania. They framed the absence of buyers from Russia, Hungary and Romania.

On the other hand, they claimed the importance for a particular event for Central and Eastern Europe, with companies whose content buyers do not attend or MIPCOM or MIPTV and least the Miami NATPE.

They also emphasized that the sale of finished or cans programming continues to rise in this region of the world. Both dealers and buyers confirmed that given the different economies of the countries of Central and Eastern Europe, and the reduced capabilities of their procurement budgets and original production, selling cans is continuously booming.

An important factor that almost all made referred, are the dates and the event is very close to Russia World Content Market and the New Europe Market in Croatia. Therefore three markets in just eight weeks pulverizes convening power of buyers and producers.

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Without a doubt, Central Europe and East represents a business potential but also offers the challenge of knowing the realities of a region with particular characteristics.

The inaugural party had the support of Telemundo and took place on Wednesday afternoon in the Municipal House in Prague’s center, a beautiful location worthy of the beauties offered by this magical city / Amanda Ospina

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