Televisa launches señ for kids


Yuppo, personaje estrella del portal señ

Televisa launches the señ portal, a new space where children can live the experience of connecting with the Televisa world.

Designed thinking in children aged between 4-12 years old, in it they will find videos, games and exclusive images of their favorite characters and series.

Televisa wants to offer a safe place where children can have fun and be part of the magic of television, at the same time of representing a superb choice for connecting with friends, live in a digital community, have fun playing and sharing with other children.

Children can choose from different positions as producer, cameraman, makeup artist, costume designer, actor, sports commentator or reporter as part of the role play that the site offers.

Yuppo, the star character of the portal is in charge of welcoming children and show them all the activities and options that can be made, how to upload videos, create music, make designs and writing stories.

Starting on Saturday, August 15, this new site will be on line with the address www.señ

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