A que no me dejas the new bid from Televisa with music by Alejandro Sanz


Camila Sodi interprets Paulina Murat

Is the new bid from Televisa. Features protagonistic performances of Camila Sodi and Osvaldo Benavides, whom will give life to the characters of Paulina Murat and Adrian Olmedo.

The producer Carlos Moreno said he felt very proud for the cast he managed to combine; as well as to get a great figure of music as Alejandro Sanz to put music to the story.

In A que no me dejas tells the story of Paulina and Adrian a couple that see their love truncated for old grudges and misunderstandings that their families have been dragging from the past; despite that they will fight tirelessly to achieve happiness.

Paulina is the daughter of Gonzalo Murat, an opulent hotel entrepreneur who does not accept the courtship of his daughter with Adrian on the grounds that he does not have the social status of them. On the other hand, Julieta, Adrian’s sister, is obsessed with him and blames Gonzalo Murat for the death of their father; situation that makes her feel a hatred for his daughter, Paulina.

The multiple disagreements and misunderstandings make Adrian and Paulina separate, not knowing that Paulina is pregnant. Being away from Adrian, Camilo, a former boyfriend and eternal lover of Paulina offers to take care of her and give his name to the daughter to be born.

The stellar cast include performances by Arturo Peniche, Leticia Calderon, Alejandra Barros, Alfredo Adame, Cecilia Gabriela, Socorro Bonilla, Odiseo Bichir, Lisset, Maribe Lancioni, Laura Carmine, Alfonso Dosal, Ernesto D´alessio, Florencia de Saracho, Salvador Zerboni, among others.

The story is an adaptation in charge of Martha Carrillo and Cristina Garcia. The stage direction is in charge of Lily Garza and Fernando Nesme.

The theme song carries the same title: A que no me dejas was composed and is interpreted by Alejandro Sanz. Starts on Monday July 27 at 19:15 hours by the Canal de las Estrellas.


Leticia Calderón interprets Inés Murat

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