La Niña Santa, of Lucrecia Martel


La nina santa

On Saturday July 25 Canal Volver of Argentina emitted the film by Lucrecia Martel chronicling the winter in the city of La Cienega.

After choir rehearsals the girls gather at the church to discuss doctrinal subjects. In those days conversations revolve around teenager’s vocation. What does God want from me? How to distinguish between the temptation of the Devil and God’s call? Amalia and Josefina, when they do not participate in heated discussion, speak in secret of tongue kisses. “…We were alert because we had a holy mission, but did not know what it was…”

Josefina comes from a typical middle class provincial family, Amalia however, lives in the Hotel Termas, which belongs to her family and where she lives with her mother and uncle.

During those days an Otolaryngology Congress is taking place. The hotel is full of doctors. On the street, people spiraling to see a man who runs a quirky instrument: A thereminvox. Among the crowd is Amalia. A man, behind, sexually rests on her. Later, at the hotel, discovers that this man is Dr. Jano, one of the prestigious otolaryngologists of the Congress.

Amalia for days spies the doctor. Jano never notices her presence, but yes the mother, Helena, who as a teenager admired for being a great swimmer, and which has felt attracted again. Helena greatly enjoys the modest attention that lavishes this man, without much hope. She knows he is married and has a family.

Amalia announces to her friend Josefina that already has one mission: to save one man. The world of this respected province doctor, trapped in a web of good intentions, is on the verge of collapse. Lucrecia Martel is directing the film and acting Alejandro Urdapilleta, Mercedes Morán, Carlos Belloso, Julieta Zilberberg, Maria Alché.

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