La culpa es de Colon

Comedy Central Latin America offers a wide range of content that includes programming from Comedy Central of the United States, acquisitions, original programming, stand-up, local productions, sketches, animation, series and movies.

And on Saturday the 25th premiered at midnight La Culpa es de Colon, with Fernando Sanjiao (Argentina), Bobby Comedia (of Venezuela), Roberto Flores (of Mexico), Fabrizio Copano (Chile) and Ricardo Quevedo (from Colombia) they alternate each week in running the show, making a brief opening monologue, each with its particular style. Later they will meet with the rest of the panel to start to begin to  happen different sections which, with triggers that can be everyday topics, celebrities or unusual situations, will be launched rounds of comments and debates (which we hope will be) hilarious. The show will feature eight elements (which we hope will be) humorous including Newsmaker, Roast Country, Picture & Picture and Impro Colon, among others.

La Culpa es de Colon, where five of the most outstanding referents of stand-up of Latin America meet every week to share a critical, acid and comic view about customs, politics and human relations of the region and the world (and to steal each other jokes also, all must be said).

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