According BB Business Bureau 25 million 800 homes have Pay TV legally or illegally in Brazil


Christian Peralta, Director of BB Business Bureau

The study was conducted on 18,168 pay TV operations representing 5,092 municipalities (98.5% of the territory represented). A job that required an effort of three years and is unprecedented by the degree of detail. It was funded by the company itself and the several customers contracting the service.

It is necessary to refer to the discrepancy of estimated numbers by BB-BUSINESS BUREAU with respect to those declared by government agencies in Brazil. These differences are due to piracy and to intentional or unintentional underreporting.

The report continues and reveals the existence of really high ratios relative to the advance of satellite operators and the adoption of digital services in the country.

Christian Peralta, director of the company, says the average value of the basic subscription (weighted according to the weight of each operator) in Brazil pay TV service is close to USD 26. While the amount of average signals by programming grid, also weighted, is 178 channels of pay TV operations.

As for the competitive landscape, BB-BUSINESS BUREAU produces a ranking of Cable operators TOP 5 among which highlights NET with 32% of Market Share, SKY with 29% stake, Claro TV with 19%, with 7% Oi and Finally, GVT with 5% market share.

“In this way and after much effort, our company boasts the largest and deepest market information in Brazil” concludes Peralta.

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