Celeste Muriega Playboy presenter at Jornadas of Cable in Argentina 2015

Celeste Muriega  uno

Celeste Murgia

Those who participated in Jornadas of Cable, event that took place at the Hilton Hotel Buenos Aires last week, were glad to make us photos and personally meet the renowned dancer and hostess Celeste Muriega in the PLAYBOY TV stand.

The artist ventured for the first time hosting in front of GYMSUTRA, one of the original productions of PlayboyTV that blends with the ancient Kama Sutra gymnastic exercises.

The Kama Sutra is considered the basic work on love in Sanskrit literature, was written by Vātsiāiana and chronologically puts the author in the Gupta period (which took place between 240 and 550 A.D.).

Celeste is a dancer and began her media career working in theater magazine along with the most leading figures and Argentine producers. Her friendliness, beauty and sensuality make today enters through the front to the world of Playboy TV, a brand that through their original productions unveils to the world the talent of the most beautiful and hot Latinas of the moment.

Playboy TV Latin America & Iberia is a company that produces and markets a collection of adult entertainment brands whose high quality content is available on multiple distribution platforms through various forms of sale. Its portfolio of premium signals is leader in the region; including Playboy TV, Playboy HD, Venus, Sextreme, Penthouse, Private, Hot Shots and very soon also Brazzers TV, among others.


Esteban Borras Sales Executive with one of the assistants during the event in the stand

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