Global Instagram Development Director, Daniel Habashi spoke with TVMAS

Daniel Habashi

Daniel Habashi

The transformation of a generation

In the framework of the Festival of Media LatAm 2015 held from September 23 to 25 September at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Key Biscayne, in Miami and where TVMAS had an active participation and circulation of the magazine, the Global Development Director of Instagram, Daniel Habashi spoke with the director of TVMAS. He said that “Instagram is changing the behavior of a generation and that these changes affect the future of the media. Creativity continues and the accommodation of the brands are an active part of our community.”

Habashi revealed that Brazil is the second market of Instagram and also assured that Spanish is the language most widely used in the media along with English. He explained that “74% of the generation of the milenias make decisions on brands, indicating that not only use the platform for connectivity, entertainment and creation of media, but also for shopping” and said that new developments in the platform, including images and videos are the way for connectivity to consumers. “Facebook and Twitter are better together and the context in which people enter the platforms is different because while Facebook is used to connect with friends and family, Instagram is used for inspiration” said Habashi, who held tha the company is already reaching their fifth birthday and ended by saying that we should not be afraid when you innovate, because a good idea will always work. But responded that he does not know what is going to prevail, if the videos or images (photos).

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