Cisneros Media Distribution Launches MOBIUS.LAB Productions in MIPCOM


Getty Images- MOBIUS LAB

 A global distributor of entertainment content, today announced the signing of a deal with Getty Images Latin America for the development and worldwide commercialization of programmable content, exploiting the international agency’s vault of millions of images and thousands of hours of audiovisual material, including 4K videos.

The landmark co-production agreement led Cisneros Media Distribution to establish a new creative unit, MOBIUS.LAB Productions, dedicated exclusively to the creation and production of content and innovative formats in a variety of lengths, considering audiences’ habits of multiple-screen viewing.  CMD will showcase over 20 different shows currently being developed by MOBIUS.LAB Productions at the upcoming international market, MIPCOM 2015.

“Any event taking place around the globe is immediate captured by Getty Images’ award-winning photographers and cinematographers.  The material will then be curated by a handpicked creative team that will develop and produce arresting content in all formats, genres and lengths in accordance to clients’ needs for any technological platform,” emphasized Marcello Coltro, EVP, Content Distribution of Cisneros Media.  “MOBIUS.LAB, a brand inspired by the mathematical infinity concept of the Mobius strip, is the pillar of our strategy based on the production process trend formed by the Multi-Channel Network industry, anticipating the sharing-generation entertainment needs of the Millennial cyber-audience and introduces new ways to connect with the traditional viewers by crowd sourcing ideas among our clients.”

“We are excited about Cisneros Media Distribution’s vision for MOBIUS.LAB,” said Marina Engels, Managing Partner of Getty Images Latin America.  “Their creative vision and executional capabilities, combined with Getty Images Latin America’s unrivaled editorial and stock footage, photos and music should work to produce some exceptional and dynamic content.”

MOBIUS.LAB Productions will generate programs showcasing Getty Images’ extraordinary archive of 80 million still images and illustrations, over 50,000 hours of stock film footage, including 4K videos, and an extensive music library – all with global rights, including the United States general market.  The content will follow three production lines: thematic, formats and pick-and-produce.  These three concepts will be customized to cater to a client’s individual needs and delivered within a thirty-day time-frame.

For example, under the pick-and-produce production line, there will be a menu entitled “The Year in Focus,” which will enable each client to select from a vast library of material on the important events that happened during 2015.  Categories will contain world events, politics and socio-economic affairs, pop culture, arts and entertainment, sports, travel, food, educational, and ‘in memoriam’.

MOBIUS.LAB Productions is a new and infinite chapter of the content generator #YourStoryHere, which was launched by CMD in January of this year.

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