Viña del Mar Festival announced in Miami the Festivals of Festivals


German Pavés, Virginia Reginato Mario A. Araya of Festival and Amanda Ospina, Carlos Daniels and Jesming Hernandez of TVMAS.

On February 23, 2016 starts the 57th edition of this festival that has resisted all the poundings: time and the crisis of the music industry. That is why it is the Festival of Festivals, a slogan that emphasized the Mayoress of Viña del Mar, Virginia Reginato and presenters of the event, Rafael Aranedo and Carolina de Morás who during a press conference on Monday 16, 2015 at the restaurant Juana M, in Brickell, Miami, offered extensive information on this grand festival.

The event will be transmitted on Chilevisión, HTV and TNT with an ensemble of artists and competitors in the traditional categories of folk and international music.

“This is a unique event in Latin America six nights of music and emotion that brings together more than 100,000 spectators and is watched by over 150 million people worldwide,” told TVMAS the beautiful presenter, model and actress Carolina de Morás during the press conference

For Rafael Araneda also a Chilean talent that has been internationalized with works in Mexico’s TV Azteca and Telemundo the festival is “proudly massive and popular and has grown over time thanks to the impulse of radio and television, a work team composed of more than 500 people and the participation of renowned artists who participate under this concept.”

The Mayoress stressed “this will be a memorable edition since Viña del Mar also occupies the second place as a city after Santiago, a destination to visit, a safe city to live and promising to study.”

There was a special guest at this press conference in Miami and in which the only industry magazine present was TVMAS. That surprise guest, is also a jury of the event and is Cala, the charismatic presenter and writer for CNN who we interviewed.



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