TURNER anticipates surprises for 2018 and signed exclusively Argentine presenter Ivan de Pineda

Ivan de Pineda and Tomás Yankelevich, EVP and Chief Content Officer

The exclusivity contract is a TURNER strategy on its way to the generation of multi-platform content for its own brands and for third parties.
From this agreement, the award-winning host will be added exclusively to several projects that the company has scheduled for 2018.

Iván leads the Argentine version of Pasapalabra, (Format of Spain) from Monday to Friday at 18.30 (ARG) for El Trece, a program that in 2017 was consecrated as the best of entertainment in the Tato awards.

Produced by Turner Latin America, it has 17 seasons and recently debuted on Chilean open television on the screen of Chilevisión with excellent repercussions in the press and ratings.

TURNER will develop original programs that enhance the qualities of the host, who is recognized for opening a window to the world with his fun travels and his innovative way of showing the different cultures of the countries he visits. With projects linked to tourism, in the year of the World Cup the company is planning to add Ivan’s hand with greater volume and space for its premium TNT Sports signal.

Since last year, the company reorganized its production area lowered the leadership of Tomás Yankelevich, EVP and Chief Content Officer, General Entertainment, and Richi Pichetto, VP Production Development, to add more and better original content, both for the Screens of Turner’s portfolio, as well as for third parties.

“I started working with Turner with the production of Pasapalabra and when they proposed me to join the team as an exclusive talent, I did not hesitate because they work with a lot of professionalism. In addition, the projects we are programming for this year are super interesting. I am sure that everything that is coming will be well liked, and much,” said Ivan de Pineda.

In this way, Ivan joins Turner’s production house that lodges outstanding figures such as Juan Pablo Varsky, Matías Martin, Mariano Peluffo, who lead the TNT Sports screen; Journalists Marcelo Longobardi and Jonatan Viale, who will be responsible for giving local flavor to the CNN screen in Spanish for the entire region.

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