Colombia laughs at RCN had Jorge Córdoba who looks for a change in the world

Jorge Córdoba

Eliminated from Colombia Ríe, Jorge Córdoba said that when he saw the first commercial of the reality show, he did not hesitate to audition. “To have arrived to ‘The humor Lab’ was a gain for him, because it was a dream fulfilled.”

The actor considers that through his talent to make people laugh, he can positively influence people and generate a change in the world, and is convinced that through humor, human beings can change many attitudes and improve their lives.

“Humor is a medicine for the heart. Scientifically it is proven that five minutes of laughter, is equivalent to 45 minutes of aerobics, people do not imagine that it is enough to smile to improve the body and soul. This is something that I thank God for giving me a gift with which I can leave a message of hope to people,” affirms.

“It’s the first reality show for humorists, the bet is very innovative and includes different types of humor, and this is a universe to explore. My mood is in scene, to build a character, narrating and developing a story based on sounds. I love what I do and I want to continue on this path for more than 14 years,” concluded.

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