Michelle Lewin, fitness star in Exatlon United States, on Telemundo


Michelle Lewin is a Venezuelan fitness star and with her husband Jimmy Lewin of Swedish origin join Exatlon United States, the sports reality show on Telemundo. In an unexpected twist, the recognized couple surprised the rest of the participants with their integration into the competition where they will face each other in opposing teams, Michelle in the team “Famosos” (Celebrities) and Jimmy in the team “Contendientes.” (Contenders). Together with their teammates, they will compete for the Exatlon United States title and the $ 200,000 grand prize.

The two teams, “celebrities” and “contenders,” face each night . 20 participants were recruited from different cities in the country, including celebrities, Olympic medalists, world champions, as well as amateur athletes. The participants have had to live in extreme conditions for the past three weeks, working as a team.  Each week, one of the participants is eliminated and at the end of the exhaustive competition, the last man or woman will receive the title and the grand prize.

Michelle has more than 13 million followers in the networks and the program airs every Monday through Friday and Sundays at 7pm/6c on Telemundo.

Facebook.com/ExatlonEstadosUnidos, Instagram @ExatlónEstadosUnidos y Twitter @ExatlónTVEEUU.


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