HBO brings second season of The Deuce

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The series created by George Pelecanos and David Simon, which is immersed in pornography and the transformation of this multibillion dollar industry into American culture, returns on September 9th exclusively on HBO and HBO GO.

The Deuce

In nine episodes, resumes the story five years after the end of the first season, showing in 1977 a noisier and volatile Times Square. The network through its Twitter profile announced like this: “It’s 1979. Punk, disco and porn. The city never sleeps.”

In the midst of such a culturally dynamic city, the series finds its protagonists living on the cusp of the Golden Age of pornography, when the dream of an adult content film company is suddenly a possibility, and the culture of pornography and its blatant mercantilization of sex finds traction each time in more and more Americans.

The disco and punk are in full swing, while police corruption and political tolerance to the underworld of downtown New York is  growing.

The mafia, the first defender of pornography at the moment when the courts declared their legality, now seems to be on the verge of obtaining great profits. A similar pornographic industry, and in a way more professional, also grows on the west coast. But for now New York remains solid as a city full of movies, music and art, while the parties fueled by drugs boom 24 hours.

The dramatic series was created by George Pelecanos and David Simon, both veterans of HBO series such as The Wire and Treme, had the executive production of Pelecanos, Simon, Nina K. Noble and James Franco. It stars James Franco (winner of the Golden Globe for “The Disaster Artist”) who plays Vincent Martino, a successful manager of several night spots backed by the Mafia, as his twin brother Frankie Martino, whose business ventures are more murky , along with Maggie Gyllenhaal (Oscar® nominated for “Crazy Heart” and Golden Globe for the first season of THE DEUCE) as Candy, now a growing director of ambitious porn movies.


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