Imagen Television of Mexico premieres Atrapada

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The original story, in co-production with Sony Pictures Television, is shot 100% outdoors and its premiere is on Monday, September 3.

A thriller of Imagen Tevision atrapada

The action-packed thriller, produced by Imagen Television and Sony Pictures Television recorded in locations of Mexico City with digital cinematographic technique. The story of revenge and redemption of Mariana is full of passion, romance, intrigue and sensuality, there is no good or bad, only human beings compelled to act by the circumstances that surround them.
“In Imagen Television we are very excited about the premiere of this production that reflects the maturity of the channel, which narrates a bold and very human story, with first level interpretations and we are sure, will conquer the Mexican audience,” pointed out Aurelio Valcárcel, director of fiction of the channel.


For her part, Ana Bond, VP Senior and General Director of International Production for LatAm of SPT, was very optimistic and said that “it has been exciting to be able to bring this original story to life with such dynamic characters. It is a pleasure to work again with Imagen Television and we hope to continue collaborating and working as a team to offer new content to our audience.”
Its premier is on Monday September 3 at 9.30PM on Imagen Television, and airs Monday through Friday.

Starring Africa Zavala, Erick Chapa and Giuseppe Gamba, as well as the first actors Veronica Merchant, Gabriela Roel and Fernando Ciangherotti.

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