Elite, the Spanish series of Netflix will soon be released


This drama is the next Netflix series that is produced in Spain and the premiere will be on October 5. The date has been known thanks to the diffusion of the first official trailer of the series, which tells the secrets of what happens at the party that changes the lives of its protagonists.


Among the actors are María Pedraza, Miguel Herrán and Jaime Lorente, all of them part of the successful «La Casa de Papel», as great protagonists, joined by Itzan Escamilla («Las Chicas del Cable»), Miguel Bernardeau («Ola de Crímenes»), Arón Piper («15 Años y un Día»), Ester Expósito («Estoy Vivo»), Mina El Hammani («El Príncipe»), Álvaro Rico («Velvet Collection»), Omar Ayuso and actress and Mexican singer Danna Paola.

Ramón Salazar («Tres Metros Sobre el Cielo») and  Dani de la Orden («El Mejor Verano de mi Vida») are  the directors and Carlos Montero (El Tiempo Entre Costuras y Creador de Física o Química) and Darío Madrona (Génesis, La Chica de Ayer) and co-creator of the successful series (Los Protegidos), are the scriptwriters. The first season has 8 episodes recorded in 4K.

The plot revolves around “Las Encinas”, the most exclusive school in the country and to which the elite sends their children to study. In it, three working-class children have just been admitted after an earthquake destroyed the public school and its pupils had to be allocated by other institutes in the area. The conflict between those who have everything and those who have nothing to lose creates a perfect storm that ends in a murder.


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