JORNADAS ATVC 2018 a positive and negative optics

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On Tuesday, several reasons, among them, the national strike convened by the Peronists against the government of President Mauricio Macri, hit the event by practically synthesizing it, to a day and a half. But this time proved to be enough. The conferences organized by CAPPSA, gave brightness, renovation and weight to the event focused on content.

With commercial exhibitions, technical lectures and academic conferences, the event summoned important exhibitors, operators, cable TV associations of the country, but it was noted that there was a lack of small and medium-sized cable operators, as well as of Chile, which reduced its presence.

What is evident is the pressure that traditional pay TV has on challenges and opportunities. The companies that entered as telcos and mobile telephony, (Important capitals), are now disputing the pay TV business in a vortex of investments and offers for users. Among the exhibitors were Atresmedia, Acontecem, AMC Networks, Artear, AZ PAGA TV, Amphenol, Channel 9, EKT, MBA Networks, HOT GO, Discovery, HBO, RFI, France 24, Turner, TyC Sports, Televisa, SGDG, Pontis,, RED Intercable, QVIX Media Solutions and Viacom among others.

The forum organized by Cappsa entitled “programming and content companies”, in which leaders of the programming companies debated about the present and future of content consumption gave brightness and weight to the event. In these Jornadas it was clear that the programmers have demonstrated their power with competitive direct offers to the final consumer. An issue that TVMAS anticipated that, the business would be based on streaming offers, Premium versus price. And cable operators, with amazement, would see the direct arrival of programmers to the final consumer. The cable operators had for many years the pan by the sleeve, but technology dismantled the great truth: content today as yesterday and as tomorrow: is King.

The quadruple play will make a significant variant in this business, with Telecom and its competitors bringing IPTV products. Another operator, Claro, also bets IPTV and will launch at the beginning of 2019, an almost finalized project that is already voice populi.

CERTAL and its regulatory partners pretended to enter into the legal and regulatory framework for OTT platforms in Latin American countries. But its lecture in these JORNADAS was without context and with a political tinge, leaving more questions than results.

The convergence and ICT panel, tried to approach issues such as mobility, multiscreen offers, and current consumption habits as transforming magnets of the sector. The excellent moderation of José Crettaz, left several questions in the auditorium, thanks to his knowledge, great vision and his important contributions to this conversation.

Thus, the JORNADAS of ATVC 2018 Expo knows that it is the only one that remains under the mantle of “association” in the region and has the great challenge of innovating its format. The TEPAL Expo that after 28 years turned off its lights this 2018, leaves on the wall of many Expos, graffiti and symbols that the time of innovation has arrived.

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