Wild World (Mundo Salvaje) with Ron Magill a HITN bet


This connoisseur of nature and the world of the wild was present at the presentation made at the Biltmore Hotel, in Miami by HITN channel dedicated to the Hispanic community in the United States. And TVMAS was present.

Guillermo Sierra, Director of channel HITN y Ron Maguill

Last Wednesday the presentation of the Wild World series was made with the presence of Guillermo Sierra and the protagonist of the series, Ron Magill, an wildlife expert, photographer and passionate about the conservation of species indanger of extinction. He is also the Communications Director of Miami-Dade Zoological Park.

The series is directed to parents and children with incredible stories about the species, its habitat and how they survive in nature. From sophisticated animal communication to extraordinary sexual selection, the strange animal coupling to epic migrations;This series explores the most important themes in nature.

Each episode shows incredible sequences full of action of creatures that struggle to survive, revealing the most incredible ways in which animals find food, a companion, avoid death and even revenge. In a format of 10 episodes of 60 minutes to be broadcast weekly. Recorded in the Everglades National Park and the Miami-Dade Zoological Park.


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