Globo Executive is the first Brazilian woman in Variety’s International Women’s Impact Report


Fernanda Lima, Silvio de Abreu, Carlos Henrique Schroder, Monica Albuquerque and Raphael Correa Neto, at NATPE 2019 in Miami.

Variety, one of the most prestigious magazines in the world of entertainment, announced on Tuesday (Feb 5), the choice of Monica Albuquerque, Head of Development of Globo, in its annual International Women’s Impact Report. The list, which honors the 50 most important and inspirational women in the world in various segments, takes into consideration their accomplishments and achievements in the past year.

 “To be in a list with so many incredible women is a great honor for me. Brazil is a complex country with major challenges. But it is also a place that brings hope and energy. And in the same way, Globo is a company that walks side by side with the country. We are very connected to the Brazilian culture and identity. We believe that stories can be a powerful tool to draw people closer and inspire transformation,” said Monica Albuquerque.

Monica Albuquerque, Head of Development of Globo

 In her profile description published by Variety, Monica – who became Head of Development in 2013 – recalled some of the first words she spoke to her team on that occasion, citing Catherine DeVrye and the need to constantly challenge the status quo. And she added: “We believe that the entertainment industry has an important role in moving society forward.”

In the last five years, the executive has been actively involved in many of the changes Globo Studios has been going through, as part of the company’s transformation to adapt its business model to the new market challenges. Among them are the review of the creative process management, the implementation of the concept of an in-house talent agency and launch of the Writers’ House, which operates on the same bases as the American writers’ room. Monica has also worked towards strengthening Globo’s international presence through entertainment industry festivals and new co-productions, besides expanding its artistic development capacity to fit to other platforms and areas of Globo.

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