NAB 2019 started in Las Vegas


Surpassing the previous year’s turnout, from the 6th started until April 11 at The Las Vegas Convention Center the most important technological event of the industry: NAB SHOW 2019 and in which TVMAS is Media Partner.

NAB 2019- GORDON SMITH -achievement-in-broadcasting Dinner- Broadcasting Hall of Fame Inductee Cathy Hughes

With the participation of the world’s leading broadcasters, the event is a key source for the audiovisual content and telecommunications industry, from creation to distribution and consumption, across multiple platforms. It is the meeting of global visionaries who gather to bring content to life with innovations. No one knows media communications, entertainment or technology like NAB, and this is the annual event for those who really want to tell stories.

The event brings together the entire digital ecosystem and is represented by professionals in advertising, application development, artificial intelligence, audio, augmented reality, broadcast, cable, cloud solutions, cybersecurity, digital video, digital signage, e-learning, sports, cinema, game development, mixed reality, mobile, online video, podcasting, postproduction, social networks, sports, live broadcast, systems integration, television, virtual reality, 5G and more.

During six days in addition to the technological exhibition, the event offers nutritious conferences by industry leaders who share their knowledge to experiment and learn about the latest technologies and connect with the new innovators in the industry who advance in art, science and the business of content.

NAB SHOW 2019 Opening- Gordon H. Smith

With an important participation, Latin America this year is re-investing and innovating as a sign of the economic recovery of several countries in the region. Progress towards the analogue switch off is noticeable, with a large part of its investments focused on digitization, as is the case in Chile.

Televisa of México is going in leaps and bounds towards its TELEVISA SPORTS project with which it intends to encompass the Hispanic community of Canada and the United States.

Globo de Brasil is another example of large investments to improve its OTT platform, Globo Play and with the increase of its productions in 4K HDR, is willing to bet on 8K. In Russia, in the last World Cup the network had a panoramic studio in Moscow with graphic insertions and virtual reality. In addition, it made large investments in remote production with 21 signals transported by optical fiber in Brazil.

Latin America has a strong presence in this event, which began with the official inauguration with the speech of the President and CEO of NAB, Gordon H.Smith, who highlighted the convergence of recent years between broadband and other content distribution technologies currently used.  A central theme this year for the United States, a market that sets trends in the industry, is the approval by the FCC of the Next Gen TV Autonomous Transport Standard (next-generation autonomous television transport.)

He remarked that the paradigm of the future will be television ‘mounted on a vehicle without a driver’. The Next Gen TV standard promises to bring the benefits of UHD TV, with interactive features and personalized content for users. In addition, he emphasized that the future of broadcasting is based on investment in innovation, which is crucial for long-term growth. The habit of media consumption is constantly changing and continues to evolve with these changes.


The Show Floor extends for more than a mile and contains hardware, software and all the latest technologies from global brands and cutting-edge companies.

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