Love Island is the new format of Antena 3 Internacional


In the Spanish edition of this internationally successful reality-dating show, 10 single contestants seek love while living together in isolation in a luxury beachfront villa

It is a production of Atresmedia in collaboration with Boomerang TV, based on the original format of ITV Studios and Motion Content Group

Cristina Pedroche

Cristina Pedroche

The Antena 3 Internacional channel premieres next Sunday April 11 ‘Love Island’, the new and large entertainment format presented by Cristina Pedroche, which comes to the channel after having become an international phenomenon that has swept the world .

This new reality-dating show is widely recognized in the world for its international success: it is the format that has made the most noise in the television markets in recent years.

Produced by Atresmedia, in collaboration with Boomerang TV, and based on the original format of ITV Studios and Motion Content Group, ‘Love Island’ now comes to Antena 3 Internacional with the broadcast of five programs a week, from Sunday to Thursday.

The search for love in a luxurious and spectacular villa. ‘Love Island’ is a new and original way to find love. Many single participants, live together 24 hours, dates, games … And a single requirement not to be eliminated: always be paired.

Continuously monitored by video cameras, he will isolate the contestants from the outside world in the villa, a luxurious beachfront location located in the Canary Islands.

In a first ceremony, the islanders and islanders, that is, the single men and women who will seek love from the beginning of the program, will be paired with each other. Together they will compete against other couples in different challenges and games. The objective is that, even if new single contestants enter, they remain paired because whoever is left without a partner is expelled. Finally, the winning couple will win a financial prize.

ISSUE SCHEDULE. PREMIERE – Sunday to Thursday, starting April 11

LATAM: 00: 00h Mex – Col / 01:00 AM Ven / 02:00 AM Arg

US: 01:00 AM ET / 10:00 PM PT

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