INTERVIEW. MARÍA PÉREZ CAMPI. DORI MEDIA. In all platforms and all demographics




Sales Director for Latin America and the US Hispanic market for Dori Media Distribution Argentina. “We continue with our successful reality show “Power Couple” 5th Season on Record Brazil and 2nd Season on Televisa Mexico. LATAM is a key market. We will continue with productions in Argentina, and we are planning to produce in Mexico”

For this edition of NATPE 2022 in Miami, an event in which TVMAS is a Media Partner since the beginning of this publication, we invite María Pérez Campi. Her excellent performance is added to the successes of the staff of the prestigious company that has an extensive catalog of more than 100 titles, both scripted and unscripted: daily drama, weekly drama, telenovelas, new-vela, comedy, reality, game show. , children’s content and feature films. “Our titles fit all tastes and needs because our goal is to meet the needs of our clients and find a way to work together on any project that may arise. Together with our clients we find the perfect combination between our content, channels, OTTs and production companies”.

What are the main genres of greatest consumption in the region?

Mainly canned telenovelas for traditional channels, unscripted formats like our reality show, “Power Couple” with continued success in international ratings and in Latin America. For pan-regional platforms, we sell a lot of library content and high-end series like Losing Alice, Dumb, Normal, and more.

In this interview with TVMAS, of which we present a summary, the executive explains that the catalog includes titles in various languages ​​for a worldwide offer with content from Argentina, Spain, Russia, Japan, China and more. And is that “Power Couple” is a format that gives couples extreme challenges to test how well they know each other. In this game, couples can turn the closeness of their relationships and their knowledge of each other into big cash prizes.

How is the window business growing, especially VOD, and how have you resolved the issues with traditional TV in a time of change at the negotiating table?

VOD platforms have been our main buyers in 2020 and 2021. We were able to meet their needs at critical times for their business and increase the demand for content. Our catalog with high-end short series and library content allowed us to place our content on most platforms in the region. They were two very good years for DORI MEDIA in Latin America and the US Hispanic market. Regarding the traditional channels, we made some canned agreements for telenovelas and we continued with our successful format “Power Couple” 5th Season on Record Brasil and 2nd Season on Televisa Mexico. And we are negotiating more territories that we will announce soon.

 What are the plans for original titles and how many productions do you project for 2022?

We will continue productions including title developments in Israel and around the world. DORI MEDIA’s plan is for approximately 10 titles by 2022, which are currently in different stages of production. Increase co-productions and continue selling our huge catalogue. We are focusing more on LATAM, with high-quality productions in Argentina, 8-episode scripted formats, and we are planning to produce in Mexico as well.

2020 and 2021 were very good years for Dori Media despite the pandemic. The company was successful not only in the production and distribution of scripted and unscripted content, but also in its 6 television channels. “The success was the result of a combination of a rapid adaptation of processes and our huge library as well as customer service,” says María Pérez Campi, a graduate in communication sciences and who works at Dori Media since 2008.

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