ShowHeroes Group bets on Latin America with the acquisition of Smartclip


Leaders in Europe and Latin America come together to offer the best digital video solutions to advertisers and publishers throughout the region, projecting double growth in the next 2 years.

Angel Pascual & Rodrigo Vieites

Ilhan Zengin fundador y CEO de ShowHeroes Group

Nielsen in association with Smartclip Latam indicates that the penetration of Connected TV in Argentina reaches 75% of households and that 81% of the participants declare that they use this device daily. Advertising investment grows at the same rate.

Smartclip LATAM is a global provider of digital video solutions for publishers and advertisers.

The interest of the multinational, based in Berlin, recognizes Smartclip’s trajectory as a pioneer and specialist in Connected TV (CTV), a video platform with the most representative growth in the region.

The ShowHeroes Group set its sights on Smartclip LATAM, to offer some of the most effective video solutions, both in terms of visibility and format innovation, while continuing to provide a safe and reliable environment for brands. With this acquisition, ShowHeroes Group will launch its portfolio of Contextual In-Stream Video and CTV solutions in the US and LATAM markets, while adding Smartclip’s Connected TV expertise to its list of products and know-how Worldwide.

“Joining the ShowHeroes Group will allow us to offer a powerful combination of programmatic video platform and content production through ShowHeroes Studios. Few video technology companies offer semantic segmentation with world-class content production. Now, we can offer a 360-degree monetization for publishers and a repertoire of high-quality content and inventory for advertisers,” said Ángel Pascual, who continues in the role of Regional Director for LATAM.

For Ilhan Zengin, founder and CEO of ShowHeroes Group, “Globalization and the launch of the group in the United States and in the LATAM region will be a momentous step, if not the most important so far in the history of the company; and this acquisition is a strategic move for our growth. I am delighted to welcome the entire Smartclip team to our family. The next two years will be marked by investments in technology and new products.”

The company has offices in Berlin, Hamburg, Riga, Moscow, Amsterdam, Vienna, Paris, London, Milan, Florence, Madrid and Tel Aviv.


The consumption of connected television in streaming has increased in Latin America and according to an EMarketer study, the projection for 2023 is that it will exceed 317 million digital video viewers in Latin America. This means that almost half of the region’s population, 48.2%, consumes this type of content.

A survey carried out by Nielsen in association with Smartclip LATAM indicates that the penetration of Connected TV in Argentina reaches 75% of households and that 81% of the participants declare that they use this device daily. Advertising investment grows at the same rate. For reference, EMarketer predicts that CTV advertising in the United States will move more than $17 billion by 2022.


According to Rodrigo Vieites, who continues as General Director for Argentina and commercial director for LATAM, the merger will allow the growth of business volume through new technologies to differentiate the products offered. “We will continue to provide the best results for our clients, and now bringing news and more opportunities for advertisers. This evolution is extremely important, since we are protagonists in the Connected TV platform,” said the executive.

The acquisition of smartclip LATAM is the fifth operation of this type carried out by ShowHeroes Group in the last two years.

WHO IS THE ShowHeroes Group?

It is a leading independent global provider of video solutions for digital publishers and advertisers. The company was founded by Ilhan Zengin, Mario Tiedemann and Dennis Kirschner in 2016 and employs more than 250 people worldwide, with headquarters in Berlin and offices in Madrid, Milan, Moscow, New York, Paris, as well as Riga and Stockholm.

WHO IS Smartclip LATAM?

Company that is shaping the future of advertising by providing publishers with advanced monetization services and offering advertisers next-generation multi-screen online video advertising solutions. Smartclip is the market leader in the region in terms of Connected TV solutions and has more than 50 employees operating from offices in Argentina.

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