THE KITCHEN ISRAEL celebrates Year Two


The Kitchen Israel, is now celebrating its 2nd birthday as part of the 21-year-old, Emmy Award-Winning language localization studios, The Kitchen Worldwide.

The Tel Aviv-based studio has announced its plans to increase both its physical space and dubbing capacity in the New Year, due to a burgeoning demand in the need for Hebrew language dubbing.

Amit Amrami, Managing Director of The Kitchen Israel

According to Amit Amrami, Managing Director of The Kitchen Israel, “The Kitchen’s ability to offer multiple languages for our clients, with our global Kitchen family, gives us the opportunity to provide services that are consistent in the quality of language localization that our studios are known for. I do feel that The Kitchen Israel is partly responsible for the tremendous growth in the Hebrew dubbing arena, since our entry into the market,” Amit continued, and very much look forward to what is yet to come”.

“As part of The Kitchen Worldwide, we have been given an introduction to many of The Kitchen’s long-time clients, allowing us to provide new opportunities for them with Hebrew speaking audiences.  From animation, to songs, to drama and live action, TK Israel has been quite proactive in cementing global relationships for all genres of programming.

“Even the lower-cost need for YouTube dubbing, and the influx of hundreds of new streaming platforms” Amit explained, “has given us the opportunity to introduce clients to the Israeli audiences.  We know that we need to be flexible in our ability to work with all clients, and our planned expansion in the market will allow us to do so, while being cost competitive, with the ability to provide the quality of language localization services that clients have come to expect from The Kitchen”.

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